Email / Collaboration Tools

Critical Application Support​

The Email Apps You Use Every Day, Incorporated into Your Cloud.

An organization is only as good as its tools. That’s why M3COM offers the email and collaboration tools your team needs to complete its critical work.

Whether you’re a Google or Office 365 professional, our team can provide these application suites as a core part of your essential stack. We’ll also assist in the migration to these tools and provide support to make sure you stay up-and-running over the long-term.

Why M3COM?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Communication and Collaboration Tools?

Are you stuck using an outdated email system? Taking on a cloud infrastructure upgrade may also be the perfect time to rethink your email and collaboration tools. As we build out your IT infrastructure, M3COM can include upgraded applications like Office 365 or G Suite, which help everyone on your team work more efficiently.


Office 365

Including industry-standard applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the Office 365 suite now also features robust collaboration tools as well as cloud storage. If you rely on this business workhouse suite of applications, M3COM can implement them into your cloud strategy.

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