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Telecommunications / Network Connectivity

Tailored Service to Meet Your Needs

M3COM Offers Global, International, and Domestic Connectivity Through Our Ever-Expanding Carrier Relationships.

In a connected world, enterprise organizations need the ability to seamlessly access and share their data from anywhere. While traditional network providers can sell you bandwidth, they lock you into a rigid and expensive system that won’t always meet your needs. M3COM takes a different approach. Our carrier neutral attitude gives us the ability to build and engineer segment by segment to meet your evolving needs. Resulting in a network that becomes a diverse, flexible, and scalable tool your organization can rely on to grow and thrive.

Why M3COM?

We're a One-Stop-Shop for a World of Service Providers.

We’ve spent years working with providers from around the world and as a Virtual Network Carrier(VNC), it gives us tremendous buying power we can leverage for our customers. As a result, we can aggregate multiple providers into a single network managed and monitored just by us. You’ll benefit by receiving highly flexible, customized, and consultative services you can access through a unified support structure in our 24×7 network operations center.

Plus, we use SolarWinds, an industry-leading tool allowing us to actively monitor your network to mitigate failures. We also practice proactive notification, which alerts our customers to failures before they realize there’s a problem and updates customers once the problem is resolved.


Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Reliable access to the open internet is a must for every enterprise organization. With M3COM’s Layer 3 DIA services, you can access anything on the internet with lightning-fast speed through a rock-solid connection you can count on.

Private Line

Enjoy the benefits of secure Layer 2 point-to-point data transmission with our Private Line services. By using bandwidth reserved exclusively for your organization, you can confidently share your critical data on the most secure link available. You’ll also always have guaranteed access to the bandwidth you pay for, as well as reliable and synchronous upload and download speeds.


Multiprotocol Label Switching is a networking technique that establishes a predetermined and highly-efficient route for IP packets. By using this technology, you can set the Quality of Service for real-time applications like video conferencing or voice over IP. With MPLS technology, you can connect multiple sites creating a secure private network.

Dark Fiber Solutions

As an organization’s connectivity needs grow in response to new technologies, flexible and affordable data transmission solutions become a valuable tool for growth. One solution is to tap into the unused fiber optic cable networks lying in the ground — commonly known as dark fiber. By accessing these networks, you can bypass traditional data providers while saving money, improving latency, and securing critical physical redundancies.

Cloud Exchange

M3COM also has access to the cloud exchange. Our expert team can set you up on one or more of the major cloud providers, including Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, and AWS, to maximize your infrastructure’s flexibility.

Other Services

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

Disaster Recovery / Back-up


Email / Collaboration Tools

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