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Cal-Maine Foods

In 2015, Cal-Maine Foods began an effort to upgrade their aging data center.

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With egg production running 24/7 in facilities across 15 states, Cal-Maine produces a massive volume of data critical to achieving their business goals. The company needed a practical and exceptionally reliable solution tailored to their unique needs.

Cal-Maine’s IT Director, Bob Gilmore, began to explore the option of IaaS, which would eliminate the expense of purchasing and maintaining technology and allow Cal-Maine to create their primary data center outside of existing facilities.

Sixty years in business, Cal-Maine has a history of selecting vendors carefully, and this was no exception. Mr. Gilmore wanted a partner committed to understanding Cal-Maine’s business and technology needs.

He chose M3COM.

Within three years, Cal-Maine’s migration to M3COM’s cloud environment resulted in over $500k in cost savings. Additionally, Mr. Gilmore said the move gave Cal-Maine “phenomenal” broadband connectivity. “M3COM is connected to almost every carrier known to man, but when Cal-Maine Foods was moving to the cloud, fiber wasn’t even an option at the corporate headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi.”

M3COM's personalized attention has resulted in phenomenal connectivity and significant cost savings.

Bob GilmoreIT Director at Cal-Maine Foods

To keep pace with expanding business demands, we have adapted Cal-Maine’s infrastructure, moving them to a fully-managed private cloud environment. As a result, Mr. Gilmore’s team has direct control of their virtual environment and improved performance reporting.

Today, Cal-Maine produces 19% of all the shell eggs consumed in the USA. We continue to help them meet the demands of seasonal fluctuations and continued growth by scaling and adapting their data solutions with care and agility.

Solutions Provided

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Custom-engineered infrastructures using best-in-breed VMware environments and Cisco hardware.

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