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Shields Health Solutions

Providing proactive partnership and problem-solving.

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M3COM helped Shields meet the demands of their fast-paced growth (they added 400 employees in 2022), and their proactive approach ensured that Shield’s infrastructure had the security and space to function at its best.

Shields Health Solutions is a specialty pharmacy integrator and accelerator for hospital leaders who want to provide a specialty pharmacy program that provides fully integrated comprehensive on-site care.

With three on-staff Microsoft engineers serving more than 1,500 people, Shields Health Solutions needed a partner to increase the capacity of their IT team; especially after the company added 400 new hires and several new hospital system customers, all within five short months.

Because of their long-standing partnership with M3COM, they already had a plan in place.

“As a decision maker, I look for companies who don’t just offer a service, but who are partners with us,” says Derek Costa, Vice President of IT Infrastructure and CISO. “The way that M3COM engages with us isn’t typical of a solution provider. They are as invested in our success as our own employees.”

Shields Health Solutions leverages M3COM for IT infrastructure, which includes utilizing a VMware environment to stand up their virtual databases. They also take advantage of immutable backups, Zerto data replication, and a warm standby environment at M3COM’s Chicago data center.

M3COM skips the ceremonial nonsense and layers of bureaucracy to match our team’s 'just get it done' mentality. We are high speed, low drag—and they are a partner that’s proven they are along for the ride with us.

Derek CostaVice President of IT Infrastructure and Chief Information Security Officer, Shields Health Solutions

Shields Health Solutions is growing at an incredible pace and found that M3COM was proactively working to prevent outages and stay on top of efficiencies for the company. The M3COM staff meets with the team at Shields on a weekly basis to look at KPIs in their environment to identify areas of improvement, and they are quick to respond to additional needs between the weekly calls.

When Shields Health Solutions faced an unpredictable problem with their infrastructure, the M3COM team worked with them for more than a week to pinpoint “the needle in a haystack” and make helpful recommendations to resolve it.

“M3COM stays on top of things for us and offers us solutions before we even think to ask,” says Derek. “It’s a true partnership.”

M3COM is a global technology solution provider and licensed 214 telecom carrier headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia. We partner with each of our customers to design, implement, and manage custom global and domestic telecom networks and cloud technology solutions, including colocation, IaaS, and other cloud solutions built on our own infrastructure.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Custom-engineered infrastructures using best-in-breed VMware environments and Cisco hardware.

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We tailor disaster recovery (DR) and back-up solutions to meet your recovery objectives and compliance needs.

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