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SPC Dermatology Management

Refining and streamlining services for a growing business.

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Switching to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) with M3COM reduced the company’s bottom line and provided the business with on-going access to best-in-breed technology.

SPC Dermatology is a physician group practice comprised of Board-Certified dermatologists and derma-pathologists located throughout Florida. The company successfully provides more than 80 physicians with IT support in scheduling, billing, and practice and patient management systems across 30+ locations.

SPC Dermatology Management was at a critical business crossroads. They had been running their applications internally, but they recognized the huge costs associated with continually upgrading their facilities and infrastructure. “We could either pour resources into replacing our infrastructure and find ourselves the same position down the road, or we could find a way to streamline our model,” says Michael Nestor, Vice President of Information Technology.

When they evaluated what they needed—which included back-up services, geo-redundancy, VM functionality, hardware, and staff to manage it all—partnering with M3COM to migrate to IaaS just made sense. “I believe that IT exists to make life better,” says Michael. “If we can change our perspectives and develop solutions to improve, we can truly lead and influence as business leaders.”

A partnership with M3COM is helping SPC Dermatology do just that. As they moved to IaaS, SPC realized both tangible and intangible benefits. “Good technology and infrastructure are like insurance. You have a team supporting you and backing things up if something goes wrong. It’s like a car; you don’t wait until there is an accident to put on your seatbelt.” In this case, “M3COM provided the seatbelts for our company so that we know, no matter what, our services will be up and running.”

M3COM’s attention to detail and continued high-touch support shows their understanding of my business needs. I am in it with M3COM for the long run.

Michael NestorVice President of Information Technology, SPC Dermatology Management

Additionally, as the infrastructure was shifted to IaaS, Mike was surprised by the efficiency gains he made as a “digital detective.” “When you are diagnosing an issue, the first place you look at is the infrastructure. Switching to IaaS helped us to eliminate our hardware as the culprit very quickly so that we could move on to finding the root problem even faster.”

Not only has SPC found M3COM to be responsive in their technological needs, they’ve also found the customer service to be responsive, personal, and agile.

Flexibility At Its Finest

When the global pandemic hit in 2020, lockdowns and limitations on medical procedures forced SPC Dermatology to quickly adapt to a sudden downturn. M3COM responded with a creative and flexible agreement that allowed SPC Dermatology to navigate the ever-changing business landscape—without sacrificing the services they needed to stay up and running.

“Most other vendors aren’t as caring,” Michael says. “But M3COM saw our potential, and they valued us even as when we were adjusting as a business.”

A few months later, when the restrictions and economy stabilized, SPC leaned on M3COM and doubled their breadth of services.

Access to An Advanced Team

While SPC had already migrated much of their services to M3COM IaaS, the company had a few applications that were still dependent on self-managed infrastructure.

They wanted to proactively address an aging generator to ensure continuous operations. M3COM worked with SPC to create a successful plan using Zerto technology to migrate their six remaining systems; all with no lost data and no impact on usability, and no downtime.

There are always hidden variables. The advantage of teaming with M3COM is that they operate as additional eyes to identify variables before they become real problems.

Michael NestorVice President of Information Technology, SPC Dermatology Management

“With M3COM you have a business that is large enough to provide the services you need, but narrow enough to help your business overcome the spectrum of challenges that can come with migrating cloud services.

“Our team has the technical know-how, but there are always hidden variables. The advantage of teaming with M3COM is that they operate as additional eyes to identify variables before they become real problems.”

Solutions Provided

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Custom-engineered infrastructures using best-in-breed VMware environments and Cisco hardware.

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House your hardware in our SOC 1 and SOC 2 certified domestic data centers in Ashburn, VA or Chicago, IL—or in one of our data centers around the globe.

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