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M3COM announces Premier VMware CSP in new Broadcom Advantage Partner Program | M3COM

June 3, 2024

M3COM Announces Official Designation as a Premier VMware Cloud Service Provider

Ashburn, Virginia – M3COM, a provider of global cloud and telecom network business solutions and long-standing VMware service provider, officially announced today its designation as a VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) “Premier Tier Partner” in the new Broadcom Advantage Partner Program.

“Since our inception, we have promised our customers a world-class experience. We have provided VMware technology and support for the last 15 years, and we operate under the highest standards. It made sense to become a Premier Partner,” stated M3COM Senior Vice President of Sales, Tony Laaper.

“By becoming a Premier VMware CSP and offering a white label program, we are helping VMware solution providers deliver a remarkable level of service to their customers, just as we promise every M3COM customer,” Mr. Laaper continued. “We chose to set ourselves apart by offering our services with a limited commitment and reasonable pricing because we are confident that these engagements will lead to lasting partnerships.”

Effective May 31, 2024, Broadcom transitioned VMware’s partner programs to the invitation-only Broadcom Advantage Partner Program. M3COM accepted an invitation to participate and is now a Premier partner, offering white label partnership opportunities to VCSPs that wish to continue to resell VMware solutions.

Performance Cloud powered by VMware is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform that makes it possible to create a cloud environment and scale applications. Built to support different workloads, disaster recovery and compliance needs, the platform allows users to have full control of their cloud server costs and speed innovation with market-leading price-to-performance.

Learn more about the unique value M3COM can provide as a VCSP white label partner here.

Learn more about M3COM’s cloud solutions here.


Founded in 1998, M3COM is a custom technology solution provider and licensed 214 telecom carrier that designs, implements, and manages global and domestic telecom networks and cloud technology solutions, including colocation, IaaS, and other cloud solutions built on M3COM-owned infrastructure. Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, M3COM serves mid-market and enterprise organizations around the world. A privately-owned company, M3COM remains committed to its people and its principles. Learn more at www.m3comva.com.

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