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Aeros—A Cultura Company

M3COM’s cloud solutions allow Aeros customers to focus on their jobs instead of issues like licensing, system upgrades, and cybersecurity.

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Cloud On-Ramping

Shields Health Solutions

M3COM helped Shields meet the demands of their fast-paced growth (they added 400 employees in 2022), and their proactive approach ensured that Shield’s infrastructure had the security and space to function at its best.

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Health System Partners Supported

SPC Dermatology Management

Switching to IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) with M3COM reduced the company’s bottom line and provided the business with on-going access to best-in-breed technology.

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Zero downtime, Zero lost data

Cal-Maine Foods

With egg production running 24/7 in facilities across 15 states, Cal-Maine produces a massive volume of data critical to achieving their business goals. The company needed a practical and exceptionally reliable solution tailored to their unique needs.

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